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You know what they say…. A clean home is a happy home and that’s why we pride ourselves on offering the best cleaning products at a competitive price. We source our products from across the World and try everything we sell, so you can be confident that if we love it, you’ll love it.

Our wide range of fabric dyes & fabric paints will not only bring new life to a favourite pair of faded jeans or tired-looking bedsheets, but they will also allow you to express your creative side. Our fabric paints can rejuvenate old worn furniture in new masterpieces too.

For too long we have thrown out perfectly good shoes because of scuffs and marks when all you need is the right product to breathe a new “sole” into them. We stock products for trainers, boots, and shoes, don’t despair and simply grab your care kit before heading out on the town.

Keeping your clothes looking neat and tidy can be a real chore… but taking the time to protect them from damage will save you both time and money. We stock moth repellents, leather creams & knitwear defuzzers making it easy to look your best no matter the occasion.