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TRG Leather Renovating Leather balm
When applied, the product’s characteristics are that it invigorates the leather, and renders it more supple and flatter. Given these characteristics, after application, it may take more time to be absorbed than other products, and therefore, it should be used sparingly, and more economically than other less potent products👌.
TRG Leather & Vinyl Paint – 150ml Cans
I love ❤️ the paint choices and the product is fab, although I wish the cans came in bigger sizes.
TRG Leather Renovating Balm
I used the balm on my sofa 🛋️ as my cat accidentally scratched the surface. It worked well & you can hardly see the mark. Struggled to get an exact colour match, but I managed to blend it in💕.
TRG Leather Renovating Leather balm
The Cherry Blossom creams are very good. I have a pair of shoes 👡 with scuffed toes and heels which I was ashamed of. The local shops are not stocking all the colours so I was pleased to find these!
Jacquard iDye Poly
Easy to use and rejuvenated my fav bikini 👙so has to be good news.
Acana Carpet Moth Traps
These 🙌 moth traps really are effective in the fight against infestation. More clothing and carpet would have been destroyed without them. Quick delivery and good price.
Silk & Clean Wipes
My husband dripped melted butter down his brand new silk tie👔 the first time he wore it. It took two of these wipes but they completely removed the stain. Great to buy a product that does exactly what it says it will.
Jacquard iDye Poly
I have dyed a beige denim jacket 🧥and it looks lovely now, a beautiful slightly rust colored red which I’m very pleased with.
Dylon Dye
Got a lovely refreshed colour to a faded double sheet and an interesting Denim colour to a single sheet and pillowcase, refreshed my 2 pairs of work trousers, bargain.
Acana Carpet & Fabrics Moth Killer & Freshener 500ml
The smell is far nicer than many other moth repellent sprays, and when I sprayed it on the affected area it seemed to draw moths out from the pile, subsequently killing them. I would recommend this product if you have persistent problems with carpet moths.