Clothes Moth Killer Strips 20 Strips from Zero In by STV – ZER429


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This product is made by STV ,a producer from United Kingdom, of DIY pest control products for home-use , a specialist maker of moths clothes.

The Clothes Moth Killer Strips 20 Strips has numerous applications and it is ideal for 20 patterns tear-off strips. and many others as seen in the list below.

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Perfect For::

  • 20 patterns tear-off strips.
  • Dry treatment no drips or stains.
  • Contains Transfluthrin.


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Insecticide for non-professional use against moths and carpet beetles in domestic premises. Kills clothes moths, eggs, and larvae that damage fabrics. Also kills carpet beetle larvae. Protects clothes for up to 6 months.Kills moths, their larvae and eggs.