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All-In-One Machine Dye is the ideal way to refresh faded colours or bring n R to your favourite fabrics.


The pod
is easy-to- use, simply peel off the lid and pop the full pod into the drum of
the washing machin R fabric for permanent colour on n Rics at

R reviving faded jeans or brightening some towels. Whether It’s
changing the colour of a favourite dress or updating some bed linen, It’s simple
and quick with Dylon All-In- One Machine Dye.

The dyes
are suitable for useon n Rics such as cotton, linen and viscose. They
will give lighter shades on mixes of these fabrics with syn Rics. One
pack will give the full shade on up to 600g of fabric and lighter shades on up
to 1.8kg


DYLON’S exten R range includes:

  • Deep Violet
    Be bold and add a vivid flash of amethyst to
    your wardrobe ? with a scarf, a throw or a cute summer vest you’ll capture
    the beauty of this jewel-like shade.
  • Deep Violet-Introduce
    this shade in your home to evoke Provence in spring time (add a
    lavender-scented candle to bring the ambiance even closer to home).
  • Emerald Green-The
    word Emerald evokes images of sparkling intense green shades and this n R provides just that. A recent addition to the range, this modern
    take on a traditional classic shade will team well with a range of colours
    for a truly luxurious look.
  • Espresso Brown-nspired
    by the intensity of a great espresso this woody tone captures the beauty
    of a walk in the woods an Rics in your home and wardrobe a touch
    of natural beauty.
  • Forest Green-Think
    BrIt’sh racing green, lush green countryside and elegant parkland. This
    Reen brings classic sophistication to any home and timeless
    style to any outfit. Complement with rich, vibrant colours or wear it
    alone with beautifully understated confidence.
  • Fresh Orange-Orange is the colour of positive energy. It is
    the perfect match between the joyful yellow and the passionate red.
    Refresh your cloths and home with this brilliant colour that will energise
    you with positivism.
  • Intense Black-Black will always have an air of classic, chic
    sophistication. Coco Chanel was captivated by the mysterious allure of
    black; Jackie O loved to wear it; Audrey Hepburn understood its timeless
    charm. Black can create the perfect silhouette; it can be bold just as it
    can be comforting; perfect for evenings out and days at the office. With
    Intense Black, your blacks will be at their best, rich, inten Rofoundly dark.
  • Jeans Blue-
  • Navy Blue-This colour is a classic.Inspired by a life
    on the ocean wave, this nautical shade captures the strength of an ocean
    liner and all the grace and charm of the French Riviera. Complement with
    red and white or offset with deep burgun Reens to add majestic
    touches to a room.
  • Ocean Blue-
  • Olive Green-Mediterranean hillsides would not be complete
    without their scen Roves. This succulent shade of green Red by the lush green leaves of those olive trees. Introduce Olive
    Green fabrics into your home or wardrobe for a touch of natural beauty.
  • Paradise Blue-
  • Passion Pink-Invite Passion Pin R home or wear it
    for a vibrant look that will quicken any beating heart. Enhance creativity
    and excitement with this brilliant colour.
  • Peony Pink-With all the delicate elegance of Grace Kelly,
    you’ll find Peony Pink has a gentle charm worthy of any blushing beauty.
    Wear this powder puff shade in pretty outfits or introduce it in your
    bedroom or conservatory and you’ll instil the gentle beauty of blossom
    petals dancing in the spring breeze.
  • Plum Red-Create an elegan Re full of
    romanticism and sophistication into your home or wardrobe. This classic
    colour will enhance your natural beauty and savoir-faire.
  • Imagine beautiful autumn days when leaves have
    turned rusty shades of reddish brown. Capture the beauty of this season in
    all its glory with Rosewood Red. Any time of year it looks great against
    dark denim, and on curtains, cushions and throws, this rich woody tone
    creates a warm, inviting mood in any home.
  • Sandy Beige-The movement of the sea into the beach has a
    wonderful calming quality. This soft neutral shade captures this relaxing
    sense of calm. Pair it with darker and more intense shades for a
    completely balanced look.
  • Smoke Grey-Between black and white there are infinite
    shades of grey. This particular shade was created to offer a strong,
    almost metallic intensity. This colour brings subtle sophistication to any
    wardrobe, paired with black or rich red tones this shade of grey looks
  • Sunflower Yellow-
  • Tropical Green-Tropical climates are famous for their lush
    vegetation and vibrant colours set against succulent green leaves. This
    vivid shade of green is brimming with the life and freshness of the
    Ring it into your home or wardrobe for instant vitality.
  • Tulip Red-Red is the colour of love, passion and
    dynamism. It’s a motivating, confident colour that energises and attracts
    people. This glorious red shade recalls the stunning tulip fields of
    Holland in full bloom. Invite Tulip Red into your home or wear it for a
    vibrant look that will quicken any beating heart.
  • Vintage Blue-This delicate pastel shade will bring serenity
    to rooms in your home and subtle charm to any outfit. Its gentle blue tone
    soothes, relaxes and brings peace of mind.
  • Dylon Pre-Dye removes colour from fabric so that it is suitable for dyeing to a lighter colour. Will treat all n Rics and nylon. Formulated for usein automatic front loading washing machines.



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Plum Red