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Jacquard iDye for Natural Fabrics – 14g

Dyeing fabric in a washing machine has never been easier. iDye comes in a 14 g. packet that dissolves in water which means there is no handling of messy dye powders. Just throw the dye packet in, add salt or vinegar and run through the wash cycle. It is the ultimate easy way to get gorgeous colour!

Each packet will dye two to three pounds of fabric (0.9 kg – 3 kg). Available in a variety of vibrant colours and two formulas; one for 100% natural fabrics and the other for synthetics.

Using iDye with fabric blends

For blended fabrics that contain both synthetic & natural fibres, use iDye for Natural Fabrics with the corresponding iDye Poly colour, AT THE SAME TIME! Or try pairing two different colours for more interesting two-tone heather effects.

iDye Poly may also be used for sublimation transfer techniques and
to dye the polyester threads that are used to sew many commercially
manufactured garments.

A single iDye packet will dye 2-3 lbs/1-1.3 kg of dry fabric.


iDye for natural fabrics: cotton, linen, canvas, silk, rayon and more
iDye Poly: polyester, nylon, poly/cotton blends, plastics, acrylic and more


– 30 Colours for Natural Fibres
– 16 Colours for Polyester and Nylon




Olive 426