Colibri Anti-Moth Mini Sachets Lavender – Pack of 5 Mini Sachets


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Colibr anti-moth products are realised to fight off insects in a natural way. In the botanical extracts used we can find: Cedar, thyme, vetiver, lemongrass and lavender

Colibri sachets create a cocoon of protective natural fragrances to keep wool, silk and other precious fabrics safe. Use in any enclosed space such as wardrobes, drawers and storage containers to freshen with a light, clean fragrance. Effective against mould and tobacco s smells they ensure a refreshing, sanitizing and antibacterial action.

Each sachet contains a blend of 100% botanical oils and lasts for 4-6 months. For best results use all year round.

Colibr Anti-Moth Mini Sachets contain 5 individual sachets.

*Please note that from time to time the manufacturer does change the packaging of this product.