Cherry Blossom Black Renovating Shoe Cream – 50ml


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A black coloured cream to renovate and restore the appearance of all leather footwear, whatever its colour. Designed to help restore to the black colour and finish of your favourite leather footwear. Adds essential nourishment and conditioning to all leather, preventing it from drying out. Available in a wide range of colours (brown, cherry red,…).

A heavily pigmented Renovating cream from Cherry Blossom for all leather footwear.

As the first and only Shoe Care range manufactured in the United Kingdom, Cherry Blossom has an unrivalled history of providing total product protection and a performance-based heritage spanning over 100 years.

The Cherry Blossom story dates back to 1906 and started with a commitment to polish, protect and prolong the lifespan of all types of footwear. Over the years, the Cherry Blossom range has evolved and grown to meet the demands of consumers, new footwear materials and traditional British weather, with the principle of protection always remaining at the forefront. The brand’s aim is a simple one – to prepare your footwear for the chaos of an unpredictable world and to give you the freedom you need to live uninhibited.