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Silk & Clean is a unique cleaning tissue, that instantly removes most stains from silk and other luxury fabrics. It works much like dry cleaning — but only the stain is treated. 


Silk & Clean dissolves oil, grease and other stains easily from the fabric. The chemical agent used in the Silk & Clean solution is kind to the fabric, human skin and to the environment. 


Silk & Clean is highly effective on oil-based stains as buttermayonnaisemake-up and oil.

For water-based stains such as coffee, teasoy sauce or ketchup, wipe first with a dampened cloth to dissolve and remove colourant and then finish off with Silk & Clean.

Instructions for use 

1. Remove pad from sachet. Do not unfold the pad. 

2. Wet the stain. With the folded pad, rub the stain firmly and quickly, working outwards and away from the centre of the stain in all directions. 

3. To avoid leaving ring marks, continue with this wiping away action, working the damp area into the dry area. The pad may be turned and refolded during this process until the solution has completely evaporated (approx. 2-3 minutes). 

4. Repeat if necessary. 

5. For water-based stains such as coffee, tea, soy sauce or ketchup, wipe first with a dampened cloth to dissolve colourant and finish off with Silk & Clean.

NB. Silk & Clean is totally effective on most stains however, due to the complexity of some staining, dry cleaning may still be required. Silk & Clean will not impede any later dry cleaning process. For satin finishes, delicate or light coloured fabrics, test on a concealed area for suitability


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Delicate fabrics, Light coloured fabrics, Satin finishes

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  1. I.T.

    My husband dripped melted butter down his brand new silk tie the first time he wore it. It took two of these wipes but they completely removed the stain. Great to buy a product that does exactly what it says it will.

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