TRG Dark Brown Leather Renovating Balm – 300ml Tub


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The TRG leather renovation products work well at rejuvenating most types of leather, the professional leather renovator’s choice to remove marks on leather coats, leather sofas, car upholstery, and leather shoes.

NOTE: Each colour is split into three shades, this is to indicate that each colour balm works on those different shades of the colour, i.e. from a light to dark shade. So the more balm you apply, the darker the leather becomes, this is why you are able to achieve varying shades of a colour.

Application Instructions

  • First use the TRG Universal Cleaner (available in this listing) , to ready the leather … it cleans and crucially also opens the pores of the leather
  • Work the Cleaner into the leather in circular motions with a clean cloth and leave to dry
  • Once the Trg Cleaner is dry, then apply the TRG Renovation Cream
  • Apply the Renovation Cream in the same way as the Cleaner, wipe off any excess then leave the product to sink into the leather.
  • Finally buff the leather with clean cloth.

Important information regarding all Leather Products – Leather is a natural product, each different type of skin reacts in a different way to each and every treatment. Whilst we only supply the finest quality products with a proven track record, we can not, and do not, guarantee the results that you will achieve applying them.

Always test in a small un-obtrusive area before undertaking the job



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